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Lining the Pacific Coast of Southern California, Los Angeles is located in what was once a huge void surrounded by the Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains. The coastline of this impressive city - the second largest in the United States after New York - stretches from Malibu to Long Beach.

The West and Northwest regions of Los Angeles are home to some of the world's most famous and renowned places: the movie capital of the world, Hollywood; home to the stars, Beverley Hills; and Century City. The South of the city is where you will find the beautiful Long Beach, with Pasadena located in the Northwest region. Santa Monica and Venice Beach are located along the west coast.

Affectionately known as 'Tinsel Town' or 'La La Land'...

Los Angeles was founded by Mexican settlers in 1781. It has evolved tremendously over the centuries and is today one of the most glamorous and famous cities in the world. Los Angeles is famous not only for housing many celebrities and churning out an array of blockbuster films over the years, but also for its history, colorful culture, and glorious weather.

Amazingly, it was actually New York that was first home to the film industry in the early 1920s. However, the warm climates and almost year round sunshine attracted film-makers to Los Angeles, and it was from there that Hollywood and the city itself gained fame and fortune, earning its reputation as the 'entertainment capital of the world'. There are now many major movie studios located in L.A., including Paramount, Fox, Warner Brothers and Universal. And this is the place that is famous for attracting many a wannabe actor who is looking to find fame and fortune in Tinsel Town.

Los Angeles is also home to the world-famous Disney Landů

A popular and entertaining tourist attraction for many years. There is plenty of history and culture on offer, such as The Museum of Contemporary Art or The Getty Museum. And, of course, there is probably not a grown-up on the planet that does not know of the huge 'Hollywood' sign, which is situated in Griffith Park.

Los Angeles is houses a diverse range of people from 160 countries around the world. As well as being rich in culture and made up of people from a range of backgrounds, the city has many sights on offer for visitors. You will find skyscrapers in Downtown L.A., mansions and acres of land in Beverley Hills, movie studios and entertainment in Hollywood, golden beaches and clear waters along the coastlines, and all this is topped off with glorious weather and magnificent sunsets. Shopping-lovers will not be disappointed - in fact, they may find themselves shopping with the stars in one of the many famous-name department stores or boutiques. The mix of cultures and people that live and work in the city means that the food that is available here will suit just about every palate.

Glamorous, entertaining, cultural, historical, wealthy, and glitzy are just a few of the words that describe the bold and expressive city that is Los Angeles.

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