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An online database is a collection of computerised data that is organised systematically allowing for easy retrieval and manipulation. The data is stored in a structured manner serving as a powerful and very useful tool for searching, storing and maintaining information.

Databases can be used online for a variety of functions relating to the storage and accessing of information.

They are commonly used for the storage of data which is too vast to be managed through spreadsheets or on paper and are popular with businesses worldwide as a means of managing their data.

All types of companies use online databases. For example, shopping sites use them to store information and description about the products that they sell. They can organise this data in a way that enables customers to gain easy access to related details about the product, and the database enables the company to share the information on the database with their customers. Many businesses use online databases for everyday processes such as accounts, inventories, and record-keeping. Places like schools use these databases to keep track of students who are joining, students who are leaving, and related information about each child such as personal and school related data. Many other companies in all areas of business use online databases in similar ways, to organise, store and retrieve their business data quickly and efficiently. Home users can also utilize online databases for data such as addresses, music files, etc.

With online databases, information can be stored in separate categories and cross-referenced with related information.

For example, shopping sites may store information within their database by model, type, price and description. These are all linked together to allow customers to search under a specific category.

Online databases have proved to be a valuable tool for businesses, both large and small. It provides them with the facility to store their data in a manageable form and also to share information that is stored on the database with others. The security of these databases is also very good, and the database administrator is able to match permissions to people's needs. These databases have also gained popularity with home computer users for the same types of reasons: accessibility, structured storage facility, convenience, and ease. Obviously on a smaller scale than most businesses, personal computer users can use databases for a variety of information storage such as addresses, recipes, music etc.

There are many resources online that can help with your database requirements. Many sites show you step by step how to build a database. Many of these places also offer free demos. Other companies offer database solutions for businesses who wish to have various systems introduced for data storage and retrieval. With the use of the information provided on these websites, it is now becoming easier to learn how to develop your own database for both business and personal use.

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