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Choosing a suitable diet plan can be a daunting task these days. Gone are the days when dieters knew what they had to do to lose weight - cut down on fat and calories. Now there is a plethora of conflicting advice out there, causing confusion and mayhem in the world of healthy eating.

You can now choose from low-carb, high-carb, high-protein, detox … the list goes on. Each diet claims that you will lose weight healthily and quickly by following a particular eating plan - many of which entail cutting out everyday foods. These diets are usually very restrictive and can leave dieters craving the forbidden foods. Also, these diets are not designed for long-term use and many are not suitable for vegetarians as they involve eating a lot of protein through the consumption of meat and fish.

However, nutritionists still argue that the best way - and the only safe way - to lose weight is…

By following a sensible, well-balanced diet coupled with regular exercise. The weight loss is generally slower than with some of today's fad diets. However, rapid weight loss is normally followed by equally as rapid weight gain, so a steadier weight loss is likely to be more long-term. The key is to find a healthy eating plan that is varied and rich in vitamins and minerals, and then adopt it as a way of life. A diet should not be short-term but a re-education of your eating habits.

Before deciding on a diet, you should always speak to your G.P. or dietician, and this is particularly important from those who are already on medication, who have a relevant medical family history (e.g. diabetes, heart disease etc.), or who may be pregnant. It is also worth identifying any possible food allergies or intolerances before starting a diet, as this may be a cause of weight gain and may render your chosen diet pointless as well as make you unwell (for example, if you are allergic to eggs and decide to go on a high-protein diet which involves eating a lot of eggs, you may become ill).

A diet should not only focus upon what you eat...

But also how much you eat. Assessing and moderating food portions can be as important as what you actually put on your plate. Many people think that because they are eating something that is half-fat, they can eat twice as much!

When following any diet plan, you should try and participate in regular exercise, however gentle. This will help to speed up the metabolism and burn off fat, as well as keeping the body toned as you lose weight. You must also drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated whilst dieting and exercising. This will also promote a feeling of fullness, and can help with hunger pangs.

However they try to dress it up, most diets tell us only what we have known for many years: that to lose weight you must cut your fat and calorie intake and increase your level of physical activity.

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