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If you're looking for a lawyer, there is a good chance that you already have enough on your plate without having to worry about how and where to find a lawyer that will offer sound advice, and if necessary good representation as well as affordable fees. Trying to find the right lawyer can be a stressful and time-consuming task.

One of the best ways to find a suitable and trustworthy lawyer

is to go by personal recommendation. Perhaps a family member, friend or colleague has used a lawyer in the past and can recommend either a good lawyer or law firm. Another way of finding a lawyer is by searching through the local phone and business directories, but this could entail a lot of ringing around as you are unlikely to get sufficient information from a small advertisement in the business directory. You could also contact a bar association in your city, county, state or province.

Doing some thorough research online could help you to locate a suitable law firm for your needs. However, you should remember that the type of lawyer that you need will depend largely upon the type of case that you require advice on, so you may have to dig a little deeper than simply a general overview of the law firm. Check out how many lawyers the firm employs and how many of these lawyers are specialists within the field in which you are interested; see how long these lawyers have been practising, and what their levels of experience and success are.

There is a vast array of reasons why people need lawyers…

Just a few of these reasons include: bankruptcy and debt/credit issues; injuries and accidents; divorce; custody; contractual issues; harassment or discrimination; employment issues; and criminal issues. There are many lawyers that specialize in a variety of fields, and larger law firms will probably have several lawyers practising within each area of law giving you more choice about the person that you select to advise and assist you. You should bear in mind that hiring someone for legal advice can be costly both in terms of money and time, so it is important that you try and hire the right person the first time around.

One of a number of useful sites to help you to locate a law firm or lawyer within your area of expertise is This site allows you to run a search based on a variety of criteria including the area of law in which you are interested. The website also offers a great deal of other useful information, such as tips on hiring a lawyer, the fee structure for most lawyers, questions you should ask your potential lawyer, how to determine whether you even need a lawyer - even tips on reporting violations by a lawyer of law firm. A one-stop resource such as this, which offers detailed information and an excellent search facility, can save a good deal of time and a lot of headaches.

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