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It is not uncommon for people to question the safety if online banking. Having banked for many years using traditional bricks and mortar establishments, many find it difficult to get used to the idea of online banking.

However, in this modern age of technology just about everything can be done via the Internet, so why not banking? You can do everything through an online bank that you can do through a traditional one, and possibly a bit more besides. The only thing you don't have to do is get stuck in long queues! The many advantages of online banking include: the ability to carry out everyday transaction as you would via a traditional bank; the ability to access your account at any time of the day or night; banking from the comfort of your own home without waiting in queues; instant access to statements, information and account transactions; applying for loans and overdrafts online; electronic bill payment systems; completely secure sites; setting up direct debits and standing orders; and viewing or requesting information on products and services. On the whole, online banking gives the customer a much higher degree of control over their money management.

Online banks generally come in two categories:

Either an Internet branch of a traditional bricks and mortar bank; or a stand-alone Internet only bank. Both types offer secure banking facilities and a variety of services for customers.

To utilize online banking services you need a PC with Internet access and either a bank account with a traditional bank that offers online banking, or an account with an Internet-only bank. Those interested in online banking should make enquiries with their usual bank. The likelihood is that your bank either already operates online banking or intends to do so in the near future. This method of banking is becoming both popular and commonplace. Therefore, more and more banks will need to provide this service in order to keep up with the stiff competition. Alternatively, if you do not already have a bank account and you are interested in opening an Internet bank account you can usually make an application online. Simply browse the numerous banks that offer this facility, check out the deals and bonuses, which many banks now offer as an incentive for customers to open an account, and then decide which bank offers the best services for you. All you need to do then is submit your application and your account could be up and running within a matter of days. There are many useful resources online to help you do this & which provide a listing of links to many banks that offer online banking. You can then access the banks' details and view information regarding the services that they offer and their terms and conditions for opening an account.

Many feel that online banking is the way forward…

for both financial institutions and customers alike. Convenience, speed, provision of many facilities and services, and ease of use are but a few of the benefits of online banking. This method of money management is continually gaining popularity and credibility.

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