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There was a time when placing a bet entailed laying your hands on some cold, hard cash, stepping out into the cold, and then walking down to the local bookmakers or betting shop. You would then have to squeeze your way through the other shop-load of customers who had arrived there before you, and fight your way to the counter. Assuming you could lay your hands on a pen, you'd then need to fill out a betting slip, and assuming the event hadn't already started by the time you managed to pull the money from your pocket, hand over the cash to place your bet.

However, those days are now long gone. In this modern age of technology, it is now possible to place a bet from the comfort of your armchair and with the convenience of a credit card. There are numerous online casinos, bookmakers and gambling sites for you to select from. Most of them offer new members and first time users various bonuses, from free bets to bonus matches on your initial stake. Some offer the additional benefit of a loyalty scheme where you receive a percentage of your stake back on each bet that you make, which can add up over time.

This plethora of betting establishments will all be vying for your business…

and it is therefore worth taking the time to browse and check out the special offers and bonuses that each one offers in order to get a good deal. With the numbers of rewards, offers and incentives available, you will probably find many special deals that will be of interest and could save you some money. Some sites even offer a percentage of cash back on your losses as well as generous rewards for recommending friends who subsequently sign up and place a bet.

The majority of these sites are also very secure, and entering your credit card details to place a bet will not pose a problem.

You should exercise extreme caution with any site that does not clearly state that they operate a secure payment system. It is worth reading up on reviews about your chosen site; these are usually available on independent sites on the internet. You can then gauge what their service and payout levels are like. Most sites have winnings paid directly onto the credit card which was used to place the bet.

Betting online may entail downloading special software from the gambling site, although many can be played by using your web browser (i.e. internet explorer or flash). The sites are generally very easy to navigate and simple to use with some offering 24 hour helpline assistance, whether via phone or e-mail in case you experience any problems whilst playing.

You can play just about anything online…

from virtual slot machines and bingo, to card games and placing bets on sport, horses, dogs etc. The betting companies have made placing bets and gambling from the comfort of your own home easy, secure and hassle-free. This method of placing bets has gained both trust and popularity over recent years.

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