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Downloading is simply the transferring of data from one computer to another or from the internet to a computer. There are many types of data that can be downloaded in this way. Some popular downloads include: music, video, software, documents and manuals, books, and images.

Up until recent years, many people did not know how to download or even what downloading was. And even for those for the more tech-savvy people who knew a fair bit about downloading, this exercise would have been both time-consuming and difficult because of internet speed restrictions and lack of resources. However, over the last few years the process of downloading has been made far easier and faster by the evolution of current technology. Today's accessibility to high-speed broadband internet services means that data that may have taken days to download previously can now be downloaded in a matter of hours or even minutes. This has caused the popularity of downloading to soar, and has made it easy for everyone to lay their hands on data quickly and easily.

Before downloading any data or files, you should check the specifications of your P.C.

This is because some files require minimum specifications to enable downloading, and your P.C. may not have the required capacity. There are also dangers that you should be wary of before you go ahead and start downloading. The most obvious danger linked to the process of downloading is possible computer viruses. Just like real viruses, these can quickly spread and may destroy the work and files that you have stored on your computer, corrupting data and wiping your system of data. The way to combat this particular danger is by installing a good anti-virus software package before you embark upon any downloading.

Another issue that may affect downloading is the legal side.

This is particularly relevant for those who wish to download music and films. These industries are not best pleased that the internet provides users with the facility to download both music of all types, and films. The music and film industries claim that this practise has a hugely negative financial impact on the industry as a whole, and the loss of profits from lower sales figures is becoming too costly. People who are now managing to download songs and films for free from the internet are 'lost customers' to these industries. However, the legal way to do this, which keeps everyone happy, is by using an industry-backed downloading service and paying a subscription to download. Although this involves a fee for the user, it still offers the advantages of convenience, speed and efficiency, as well as keeping you safe from possible legal repercussions.

Downloading is a time-saving, convenient, and fast way of accessing a variety of data from both other people's computers and from the internet. Providing you take the necessary precautions and use effective and good quality anti-virus software, this method is also safe and secure.

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