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In today's society approximately 33% of the population are Christians, and this figure is on the rise. Christians are those that follow and live by the teachings of Jesus Christ and this religion goes back two thousand years, having originated in the Middle East.

Christianity began with the disciples of Jesus, who were originally known as 'Christian Jews'. The disciples spread the word about the teachings of Jesus, and what became known as Christianity grew rapidly in the years following the death of Jesus. The disciples travelled to Rome and to the Middle East and beyond to spread the word and to preach about Jesus. Christian Roman soldiers in turn helped to spread the religion to various parts of the world.

Although Christianity has suffered over the years, the faith had managed to withstand competition from religions such as Islam, and still reigns victorious as the most popular religion in the world.

Christians follow a set of beliefs:

They believe that Jesus was the son of God; that he was sent to earth as the saviour of mankind; that he was human with normal human emotions and feelings; that he was crucified after being horrifically tortured; and that he rose from the dead three days after his death. Christians also believe that there is only one God - a God that consists of 'the Father', 'the Son', and 'the Holy Spirit'. They refer to their God as 'Father' as shown in the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Life after death is another firm belief of Christians, who have faith in the 'eternal life'. Christianity is based upon building a strong relationship with God through the power of beliefs and the practise of faith. Followers of Christianity are often categorised into groups, which include: Roman Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants.

Christians live by the bible, which they acknowledge as the written laws of God as well as the teachings of Jesus.

Their method of worship is made up of three main parts: the recreation of the last supper, known as Eucharist; the relating of the teaching of Jesus, the bible and Christian beliefs to situations in today's world, known as Exposition; and communication with God through the power of prayer.

Some people become what are known as 'born-again Christians'. They decide to welcome this faith into their lives and live by the teachings of Jesus. They are called 'born-again' because they class their old self as being dead, and see themselves as having been reborn as a Christian. Practising this faith does not mean that you have to go knocking on doors and preaching to others; it is more about living your life the teaching of Jesus and leading by example.

Two important Christian festivals, which are widely celebrated worldwide, are Christmas (a celebration of the birth of Jesus), and Easter (a celebration of Jesus' death, resurrection, and ascension).

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