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Known by a variety of names, such as the 'Land of Milk and Honey' or 'The Golden State', a visit to the state of California will expose you to a diverse range of cultures, allowing you to meet people from many different ethnic backgrounds. Extending along the Pacific Coastline and renowned for its fantastic landscapes, riveting entertainment and attraction, and rich cultural mix, California is a great destination for couples and families alike.

From the delights of the movie capital of the world, Los Angeles, to the lakes of the High Sierra, there is something to please every taste. Perhaps the romantic Central Coast, often referred to as California's Middle Kingdom, is more to your taste; or even the sunny beaches and family theme parks of Orange County. Other regions within this state include: Central Valley, Gold County, Inland Empire, North Coast, San Diego County, San Francisco Bay area, and Shasta Cascade.

Whichever region you decide to visit, you'll never run short of things to see and do. There is a wide variety of theme parks, including the world famous Universal Studios in Hollywood; a multitude of water parks; miles of golden, sandy beaches; state and national parks; museums; and historical sites. All this, topped with glorious weather, means that you can keep yourself and the rest of the family entertained as well as top up your tan!

Its colourful mix of cultures means that California can cater for every palate when it comes to wining and dining. From hot-dogs to three course dinners, from Italian to Mexican, or from Chinese to Indian … whatever your taste, you will be able to indulge yourself at one of the plethora of eating establishments littering the various regions of this state. You will find all manner of eateries, from stalls and diners to top class restaurants. Those looking for nightlife will not be disappointed, as there are many bars and clubs from which to choose.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay during your visit…

You can select from a wide variety of accommodation - from youth hostels and B&Bs, to five star hotels and theme park resorts, there is somewhere to suit every taste and budget.

Getting around in California is no problem. The easiest way to take in the state is by renting a car. However, also have the excellent choice of public transport at your disposal, as well as the local and international airports.

Shopaholics are also in for a treat, as California offers everything from quaint little village shops and boutiques, to the trendiest fashion and department stores. You can find many bargains at one of the huge outlet malls, or head for big name stores to pick up some designer gear. Whatever you are looking for, you're sure to find it in California.

With its mountains and valleys, deserts, beaches, variety of entertainment, culture, choice of accommodation and eateries, nightlife, and fantastic shopping, California is a state with something for everyone. ::: Houston Airports ::: All about Houston Airports ::: :::  
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